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Use the form below to upload an image and post a tribute to a living pet or a message in memory of a beloved animal friend.


The departed may have been part of your family or a special friend, like Rosie was to so many people.


Please include:

  • your name

  • the pet's name

  • a brief tribute


We will use the date of your submission when we post your message. Please indicate if you prefer that we use another date, such as the loved one's passing.


Tributes will be posted after review.

Rosie's Rainbow Bridge Video

Rosalita Patience

Dawn & Philip Hatterman

November 3, 2015 ~ Rosie brought so much joy to our lives and we are so blessed that she shared 88 weeks with us. The plan was to foster her for 4-6 weeks. We are very grateful that she and God had a different plan.


Marylin Donatello

February 7, 2016 ~ I have learned the rewards of rescuing one of the many unwanted dogs in this country. Gator, a little chihauhau/beagle mix was found on the side of the road with his 2 litter mates. Every day, he brings joy and laughter to our lives.


Ginny Goddard

March 3, 2016 ~ Logan lost his papa (my husband, Ryan) five years ago. We adopted him from Wayside Waifs when he was just a little baby puppy. Ryan trained him to be such a good, obedient and loving dog. He is my little boy with a huge heart that loves other people and dogs!


Angie Hunsucker

March 3, 2016 ~ Napoleon is my sweet, not so little French Bulldog with the one wayward ear. He is quite literally my best friend in life, and I have yet to meet a person who didn't fall in love with him immediately. I can't imagine my life without this little doodle bug!


David Fritz

March 3, 2016 ~ Samantha was a rescue dog almost 10 years ago by my in-laws. Unfortunately, Samantha developed an aggressive cancer and had to be put to sleep about six weeks ago. Samantha had been severely abused and took her a long time to trust someone.


David Fritz

March 3, 2016 ~ Shadow was another rescue dog of my in-laws and what an amazing dog she was. Unfortunately she had really bad back hips and when Samantha was put to sleep the left side of Shadow's head collapsed. As her pain worsened my mother in law and the vet decided it was time for Shadow. In a span of a month to five weeks my mother in law had to put both of her dogs to sleep. After she spends some time healing she will adopt again and it will be a rescue dog.


JoMama Schroeder

March 4, 2016 ~ Dayna Fleischmann and I both miss Stormy! She was our little snuggler. Even now when I think of her, so many years later, she brings a tear out of my heart!


Sheila Taylor

March 5, 2016 ~ Penny is a Bichon Frise who came into our lives on a hot summer day. It was 107 degrees out. Jamie and I were on our way home from Vacation Bible School. She has brought love into our own two lives when we felt unloved. Everyone knows Penny. As a pastor I take her with me to the care centers. She brings rich brightness of smiles and open the eyes with everyone who meets her. She can't wait to get down the hall and check every room for someone in it . She is loving, playful, happy, and well mannered. She is a daddy's girl--he takes her for walks, she waits for him when he comes home, and she sleeps on his dirty clothes. Penny teeters on 18-19 pounds, but that is just due to all the treats she gets from her daddy. Bichons are wonderful pets, especially if you love puppies.


Crystal K. Wiebe

June 24, 2016 ~ This little guy changed my life forever when he showed up at a party I was throwing in St. Joseph, Missouri. Scooby the miniature pinscher, aka Scooby the elderpin, was an old guy when he found me, but he stuck with me for 8 more years, through some of the best and worst times of my life. As my original four-legged drinking buddy, Scooby was the inspiration behind my company Beer Paws through which he lives on in spirit.

Peaches Delight

Dawn & Philip Hatterman

December 26, 2016 ~ Peaches is sociable and fun but also treasures her alone time, lounging in one of her many beds. Sometimes she forgets she's a senior dog but that's a nice reminder that sometimes we need to forget our age, too. She is a special part of our lives and a wonderful ambassador for Rosie Fund.

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