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These short videos of Rosalita Patience and Peaches Delight serve not only as reminders of what special companions they have been to us, but also highlight the potential of any rescue dog. If you know anyone who is considering adopting from a shelter, encourage them to consider a senior dog, bull terrier breeds, and other breeds that are often overlooked like Doberman Pinscher, Greyhound, and Rottweiler. Watching one of these videos may be an eye-opening experience for someone who thinks a new dog has to be a puppy. It's still important to research any breed before adopting to make sure it fits your lifestyle and that you are aware of any health issues of the breed. And, of course, have every member of the family, including pets, meet the prospective adoptee.
Remember that your donation to Rosie Fund helps raise awareness that dogs like Rosie are waiting for their forever family while also helping cover the medical expenses of former shelter dogs so they can star in their own videos.
Rosie's Foster
Bar K Lab Howl-oweenie Bash
Peaches' 10th Birthday
Peaches' 11th Birthday
Peaches at Dippin' Dogs
Doga at Bar K Lab
Daylight Saving Time
Best Friends
Instagram Trailer
Holiday Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes
Taking a Walk
The Rainbow Bridge
Facebook Trailer
Independence Day Photo Shoot
Wiggles of 2018
Peaches' Snow Day with Rosa
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