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In each episode of Dog Words we explore the world of dog care and companionship. “We save each other” is the motto of Rosie Fund which simply means, “The more we do for dogs, the more they do for us." And they already do a lot! If you love dogs, you’ll love this podcastDog Words helps spread the news about Rosie Fund and supports the mission to educate and provide resources. Please helps us with our mission by subscribing to the podcast on your favorite podcast service. And don't forget to "like" and "share" it, too!


Host Phil Hatterman is the president of Corkscrew Agency, LLC, a creativity consulting firm. He has over 20 years experience helping clients tell their story through audio, video, print, and web.

Dog Words is a Corkscrew Agency, LLC production.

Producer and Editor — Phil Hatterman

Executive Producer — Dawn Hatterman


Music is generously provided by alternative string duo The Wires. Visit them at Learn fiddle and cello-fiddle online — even if you've never played before — from Laurel Morgan Parks and Sascha Groshang at

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If you have any feedback, questions, thoughts, or comments - please send us use this contact form or reach out on social media!


We welcome submissions for guests to be featured on the show.  We also love to hear stories about how a dog changed your life in a meaningful way.


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