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These products and services are proudly endorsed by Rosie Fund.
Beer Paws.png

Beer Paws

Beer Paws was created for the love of good times with good dogs. From bottle opener dog tags to dog biscuits made from spent brewers' grain, our products celebrate your love for dogs and your love for beer. At least 10% of all company profits are donated to animal welfare organizations.

Cozy Cave.png

Cozy Cave

Peaches has such a light cold that she gets chilly at night. But just covering her with a blanket means you have recover her when she kicks it off. Or lay there all night listening to her paw at it trying to it herself. With a Cozy Cave she can burrow in as far as she wants or get out if she gets too hot. The cover is removable for laundering.



These were Rosie's noon treat. She liked them very much. For Peaches, it's her evening snack and she LOOOOOVES them. We break each stick into 8 pieces and slowly dole them out. If we gave her an entire stick at once she would swallow it whole.



This small, colorful device attaches to the dog’s collar. It monitors activity levels, quality of sleep, distance traveled, calories burned, and overall health and behavior 24/7. A dog's targeted activity level is based on things like breed and age but you ultimately decide what is appropriate for your dog. We've found it very helpful in monitoring and maintaining the daily exercise routine both for Rosie and Peaches.

Paw Wash.png

Paw Wash

Both Rosie and Peaches became accustomed to having muddy paws rinsed off with this handy gadget. You can add a few drops of dog shampoo but we found it works fine with just water. You can order Paw Wash from Chewy via the Wild Heart website.



Started using Zuke's Hip Action for Rosie's joints and now they're a part of Peaches' daily diet.

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